Why Organic?

With the influx of illnesses and diseases in the recent years, not to mention the outrageous rise of people getting the big C- CANCER, there are increasing number of studies showing the connection between these illnesses, diseases and chemicals.

On average, a woman uses 515 chemicals, on her skin or otherwise, every single day. Since the skin is the largest organ of your body, it absorbs 60% to 80% of what is put on it. More importantly, whatever you put on your genitalia and underarms get absorbed a whopping 100%. Whatever your skin absorbs also goes into your bloodstream.

Organic skincare products also work better. Why? Well because they’re more potent and not at all chemically enhanced. You can expect them to be more expensive than most chemically enhanced products because well, to put it simply, they’re produced from natural ingredients and natural ingredients are more labor intensive to produce. Since Organic Skincare products do not need any enhancement, they naturally work better, are more effective, potent and best of all, you need not use a lot of it. Because they’re organic skincare products, you’re skin absorbs it better because it’s built to accept it, not reject it. Organic skincare products are concocted from plant derived ingredients which are grown without the use of pesticides, fertilizers, GMO and herbicides. Opt for organic skincare first and foremost because it’s good for you and secondly, because it simply works. It’s what your skin deserves.