4 Ways To Start Your Mornings On The Right Foot

Oeorganics - 4 Ways To Start Your Mornings On The Right Foot

Whether you’re a morning person who gets up at the crack of dawn, or an anti-morning person who’d rather sleep in past their snooze alarms – it doesn’t matter. There’s just always something great about starting your day on the right foot!

This means no more jumping out of bed in a frenzied rush, skipping breakfast, and getting ready without taking time to breathe – all of that just adds unnecessary stress, and your day hasn’t even begun! A relaxing morning ritual can really set the tone of the rest of your day, so here’s how to make the use of your beautiful morning.

Oeorganics -  Wake up leisurely

1. Wake up leisurely.

Familiar with that adrenaline rush you get when you realize you snoozed too many alarms and are now extremely late for work? You end up jumping out of bed and scrambling around, completely stressed out. Why settle for that every morning?

A good tip is to allot at least 20-30 minutes before you have to get up for your day. Give yourself ample time to wake up leisurely and enjoy the comfort of your own bed before getting on with your day. You can also use this extra time to put on your makeup non-hurriedly.

Oeorganics -  Stretch like a cat

2. Stretch like a cat!

Following the first tip, use this leisure time to stretch – and stretch real hard. We don’t mean stretching as strenuously as a yoga class, but simple body exercises you can easily do in bed.

For more detailed stretches, you can search “morning stretches” online, or you can start off by lying down belly up and stretching your limbs and legs as far as you can, really feeling your spine wake up. You can also bend over your straightened legs and reach as far as you can!

Oeorganics -  Have an eating ritual

3. Have an eating ritual.

Breakfast is for champs indeed, so start your day with a filling, nutritious breakfast! Some don’t really take a heavy one, but it is important to have something in your tummy before you face the day. So take some time to have your cup of morning coffee alongside a simple sandwich, a tapsilog, or even just some fruits and yogurt – just don’t forget to nourish your body!

Oeorganics -  Meditate

4. Meditate!

Don’t get intimidated by the word meditation – this scientifically-proven method of relaxation and contentment does wonders for one’s mental health. And all you need is 5-10 minutes of your morning!

Meditation practice encourages you to practice deep breathing (read up online about it!) for a few minutes to clear your mind and your soul. Meditation also lets you be more present and deal with stress better. For beginners, try the Headspace app! It’ll guide you on your meditation journey.